Digital Learning Instructor

The digital learning instructor supervises digital learning in the computer lab. He/she manages scholar behavior and lab procedures to ensure a productive learning environment. The computer lab assistant helps scholars with basic content questions about their work, ensures that scholars are using the digital materials effectively by teaching them how to use the equipment and software, and troubleshoots when necessary. The digital learning instructor ensures that all digital equipment is in good working order, reporting equipment problems and coordinating with repair/technical personnel for minimal disruption of scholar learning. He/she trains teachers and scholars to use new software and equipment. He/she may also ensure delivery of data generated from learning software for the teachers to use when planning instruction. This position also supervises scholars working individually or in small groups, on projects or with tutors in the digital lab. The digital learning instructor is responsible for establishing a strong classroom culture in collaboration with the members of all grade level teams. As a core member of the Moving Everest team the digital learning instructor may be required to complete other additional tasks in order to support a successful school year for all scholars and staff.