Community Partnerships will play a critical role in the success of Moving Everest Charter School. Our after-school partner is By The Hand Club For Kids (BTH). For families who choose to participate in the BTH afterschool program, BTH will provide them with a comprehensive and highly successful after-school program that has successfully partnered with CPS schools for twelve years.

Just as is the case with existing CPS school/By The Hand partnerships, parents will have the option to choose to utilize By The Hand or another after-school program that they identify for their children should they desire.

In addition to the BTH partnership, Moving Everest will attempt to leverage the social service and non-profit agencies in Chicago and the Austin neighborhood to work with our students and families. For example, we will partner with Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago to provide parents and students with mental health services. We are committed to securing partnerships to provide students and families with a wide range of supportive and social services. Additionally, our after-school provider, By The Hand Club has an extensive network of agencies and organizations that can provide support in multiple areas.